Phoebe Jane Blog

Happy Holidays from all of us at Phoebe Jane! We are grateful for your support and patronage and we appreciate each and every one of you! 

We cherish this time of year. It’s the season to gather with family and friends. A time for sharing, making memories and reflecting on how truly grateful we are for having such special people in our lives.

This time of year it’s natural to share the precious moments we have with our loved ones. This is the perfect time to tell the important people in your life how special they are to you. Make it a point to express your love for them and that you treasure the time you spend together.

Warming the hearts of others with kind words, encouragement, smiles and hugs, or a hand written note is so meaningful, especially to your loved ones who may be facing a challenging time. Just knowing you thought of them and care can have a tremendous impact. 

Life is often busy and we forget to take just a quick moment to make that simple kind gesture. Sometimes life takes an unexpected turn, leaving us with the deepest desire to have just one more opportunity to have had that quick discussion.

During this year’s holiday season don’t let this special opportunity slip away for you. Take a quick moment to tell your family and friends how much they mean to you. I promise it will warm your hearts and it might just be the most significant gift they receive.

Please join us during this holiday season with random acts of kindness and in expressing our gratitude for every loved one in your life!


Peace, love, and happiness to you and all your loved ones 


Loretta Stewart 

Founder, Phoebe Jane